AKAM Success Stories

What People Are Saying About AKAM

“In the past just over 5 months I’ve had multiple communications with Brittany who has at every turn been prompt to reply with specific information, sometimes expanding on that requested and always in a gracious and patient manner (things she may have responded to over 2000 times). I have also had occasion to work with Melissa and Nicole who have also been so helpful every time.


I’m aware all Management Companies are very overworked often under stress what with individual residents or Resident Managers of buildings you manage and compounded by the brokerage community at large, and this latter can be rude at times. I have worked with a large percentage of Management companies in my long career and the aforementioned professionals that raise the bar make AKAM memorable among transactions. Thank you!!”



“As a Board member, I can say that AKAM has been an exceptionally good partner for us after we transitioned from another company. They did a fantastic job in organizing our finances and improving communication with the residents. With AKAM as our management partner, both the financial and operational performance of our property have improved. Their standard of service is second to none, and that service has increased the value of our investments.”



“I have been extraordinarily impressed by the efforts AKAM has made to improve the service and infrastructure in our building. The property
operates smoothly and communication is efficient. Our manager is organized, fair and extremely hard working, all attributes of a great leader. Thank you, AKAM!”


Water-Front Condominium Success Story

A luxury water-front condominium with 170 homes was experiencing declining values due to ineffectual management, poor maintenance, and a failure to upgrade the facilities to meet the standards of contemporary lifestyle.

Immediately upon taking over the management of the property, the AKAM team launched an intensive hospitality training program, installed quality-control audits, and worked closely with the Board to redesign and update the common areas and landscaping. To maximize the property’s financial performance, AKAM orchestrated a series of energy-saving green initiatives and technological upgrades.

As a result of AKAM’s efforts, the property achieved year-end energy savings of 24% and the hospitality program has contributed to restoring the building’s reputation as a premier addresses.

Brooklyn Co-op Success Story

A  complex with close to 1,700 units in Brooklyn was built in 1964 and self-managed until 2016. After years of insufficient management, the cleanliness and
maintenance at the building was poor and customer service was non-existent.

AKAM was hired to manage the complex in 2016 and assigned a management executive to the project who understood the property and local community. The AKAM team immediately staffed and opened an on-site management office, providing immediate response to
requests and allowing residents to walk-in for service as needed. The team created and implemented a preventive maintenance program, standardized cleaning schedules, and created a capital improvement plan to address major needs at the property, including energy costs, security, and upgrading the public spaces.

The capital improvement plan led to new features at the property such as keyless door entry, updated laundry facilities and elevators, vending machines, a
new playground, and a recreation room. Double-paned insulated windows were installed to reduce energy costs for both heating and cooling. The Board and residents are so happy with the improvements that they have renewed AKAM’s service agreement four times.

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