Safety Inspections: Maintaining Safety & Security at Your Condo, Co-op, or HOA

AKAM’s Vice President of Southeast Operations, Doug Weinstein, spoke with Cooperator News about the importance of safety inspections and holding vendors accountable when it comes to any piece of equipment that requires a mandated safety inspection, such as elevators or boilers.

 “There are mandated elevator inspections that have to occur, whether that be on a yearly basis, every three years, five years… whatever a particular code dictates,” Weinstein offers. “In addition, whether you’re dealing with an elevator or a boiler or any piece of equipment that requires a mandated safety inspection, you have to confirm that it’s included in the maintenance agreement with the relevant vendor. And what’s more: it’s not enough to be included in the agreement; you have to ensure that the maintenance is being performed.

“What we try to do as managers is to create—for lack of a better term—a tickler file for all of these to ensure that an association is on top of their vendors,” he continues, “and that the vendors are performing whatever needs to be done to carry out that inspection and get a permit renewed.”

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