The Art of Service

elevating property management through hospitality

AKAM’s commitment to service goes beyond the conventions of the industry. By engaging the top talent in the hospitality sector, AKAM builds upon the best practices in the hotel industry to introduce the service that is singular and industry-defining.

“Each building has a character and personality of its own. In today’s day and age, luxury is personalizing the service based on the needs of the residents. That’s what true luxury is.”

~ Director, Premier Hospitality Training & Development

Q: What are the paralells between hospitality & property management?

The parallel between the two industries is about providing the service. Anybody can provide the service, but if you want to provide an elevated service, you want to be able to create that experience for the residents. It’s highly experiential.

Q: AKAM stands for authenticity in service. How do you define that?

Good service is about personalizing the experience and tailoring it based on the needs of the resident. You don’t want to come across as scripted. You want to anticipate the needs, you want to think about what they are looking for, or how they prefer to be contacted. You need to keep all these small touch points in mind and execute the service experience based on the needs of the resident.

Q: In creating this elevated experience, what are the specific touchpoints that are important?

Our goal is always to create an environment for all the residents to feel at home. You don't want to make them feel like they are in a hotel. They are in their own residence, but yet they have a very elevated service and experience provided by the team members throughout all the touch points. From opening the door, to the way they are greeted, the way the phone etiquette is handled, the way the conversations are carried out, and even how packages are accepted and delivered. There is art to making sure that they feel welcomed, and we have created that comfortable environment for them.

Q: Is hospitality service unique in the property management space?

You typically encounter this level of service only at hotel-managed residences. With AKAM, we are bringing something completely new to the industry. We are continuously reinventing ourselves. Our building residents are of different generations, each perceiving service in a very different way. Service today is like a well-tailored suit that has to be customized based on body shape and size. Gone are the days when everybody has to be greeted and treated the same. Everybody wants to have a great experience, but everybody has different definition of that experience. At AKAM, we structure our programs based on that hyper-personalization.

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