4 Strategies for Retaining Top Multifamily Talent

Professionals are reevaluating their careers across many industries, including real estate and property management. No employee wants to feel stuck, so showing them you are willing to invest in their talent can go a long way and prevent turnover.

AKAM’s Director of Premier Hospitality Training and Development, Hendrick Fernandez, recently spoke to Multifamily Executive Magazine about the critical strategies for building and retaining a talented team, such as providing ample opportunities for growth and advancement, as well as offering holistic support.

“Employees want to learn and grow,” says Hendrick Fernandez, Director of Premier Hospitality Training and Development at AKAM. “If they feel like they don’t have an opportunity to advance their career, they will start to look elsewhere.”

Additionally, Fernandez explains that investing in your employee’s health and wellness can play a big role in fostering a more positive workplace experience.

“If an employer shows they care about an employee’s health and well-being, not just when at work, the employee will care about their job and the company,” Fernandez says.

To read the full article, visit www.multifamilyexecutive.com.

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