The Board Management Relationship

Cooperator News recently published an article highlighting what it takes to build a strong, lasting relationship between boards and property management companies.

Jaime Sikorski, AKAM’s Vice President of Management, spoke with Cooperator News about the responsibility of management companies and how a strong board-management relationship is beneficial to the entire community.

“Boards, which consist of volunteers elected by the association members or corporation shareholders, have a direct responsibility to the owners or shareholders of the property to protect the community and its physical plant,” says Jaime Sikorski, a Vice President of management at AKAM.

“They in turn bring in a property manager to handle the day-to-day operations of the association. It’s the responsibility of management to support the board in the board’s efforts to enhance the standard of living for the residents, uphold fiscal responsibility, and execute projects and initiatives undertaken by the board on behalf of the community. Ultimately, this cohesive collaboration results in the residents benefiting from a well-run community and protecting the value of the owners’ individual investments.” 

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