Peak Demand Energy brings its leadership and distinct expertise to each project ensuring all client needs are met and correct procedures have been followed from conception to completion.



Peak Demand Energy Corp - offers:

  • A complete review of the energy profile and usage history of your property
  • An analysis of energy usage to determine the best energy solution model
  • Building greening management
  • LED lighting upgrades
  • Energy supply procurement
  • Account/Portfolio analysis, auditing, and oversight
  • Utility budget preparation and management
  • Client education
  • Implementation and oversight of renewable energy projects (co-generation, solar, wind)
  • Local law compliance (LL87, LL84, LL85, LL88)
  • Heating conversions
  • Energy conservation analysis
  • Obtaining government and utility grants for energy related projects



The services above are a representative list of what we offer. There is no energy service that cannot be performed by Peak Demand Energy.

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