Cadman Towers

PMG supervised replacement of more than 1300 windows and terrace doors in this Brooklyn co-op.


“We used PMG for our window installation and the entire Board was unanimously pleased with the work they did for us. As a very active Board President I have such high praise for PMG. I can honestly say we could not have had as successful an experience from start to finish (and then some) without them.  Let me explain: 

I'm sure as a Board member (like myself) you have been disappointed in the past by contractors and consultants when they fail to do the work you expected them to do. Our experience with PMG was the exact opposite. Both our PMG Senior Project Manager and Junior Project Manager learned and understood the terms of our contract with the manufacturer/contractor three months before materials first arrived on site. 

The reason I know this is because in our very first pre-construction meeting the window supplier announced that they had decided not to begin wind and water testing our new windows until after the first 10 floors were installed. Our PMG Senior Project Manager calmly and tactfully held them to the contract which was to install a test window first and to conduct all water and wind tests prior to any other installation. Good thing because after the test window was installed, it failed the water test 10 seconds after it began. 

Our PMG Project Management Team oversaw the installation crews, set work schedules, problem solved, kept shareholders and management up to date, attended Board meetings (before, during, and after). They bid out work for window screens when we were unhappy with the ones the supplier was providing. They fired a door subcontractor when the work they provided was unacceptable. These guys were our eyes and ears. They acted as if they themselves were shareholders.

Once the window installation was completed there were several unresolved issues remaining. PMG brought this to our attention and worked with us until the entire job was completed. From start to finish we worked together I'm guessing a little over 3 years. They were worth every penny. 

We will be using PMG on all future capital improvement projects. Last spring we consulted with PMG on issues regarding noise and vibration emanating from our laundry rooms. We are following their recommendations.

As I said these guys have earned my highest praise."

Toba Potosky
Cadman Towers, Inc.
101 Clark Street, Brooklyn, New York


"It has been a pleasure to work with PMG and I hope we get to keep you beyond the windows project. I must say for the record, your professionalism in expediting a job of this magnitude is impressive. Your careful direction to cooperators be it in writing or on the phone or in person always impressed me greatly. I feel compelled to praise you for the superb job you facilitated. I wish all projects in life could be handled with the ease you demonstrated while dealing with me, a tough customer to say the least.

The bottom line, I was impressed with the quality of the installation, the professional etiquette you displayed, the effective timeliness of the execution, the setting up and after clean up job. Simply exceeded my expectations.

Cadman Towers, Inc.

The Alexander

The Alexander

"We were in the first stages of an extensive capital project when the project manager quit. That put is in dire straits. Everything was in chaos. Then I thought of the many positive experiences I had with other AKAM Living Services companies.

This is an especially difficult project because it affects owners, hotel guests, and a landmark hotel. There are so many different elements that other projects typically don’t have, making this project especially complex. At PMG, they have the unique ability to pull everyone together in a calm and confident manner. It’s just been a pleasure working with them.

I've been involved in other easier projects at the building but they didn’t go as smoothly as this one. I would have PMG manage any project. Really, I don’t know what we would have done without them."

Renovation Committee Member
Florida landmark hotel and residential condominium


"Project Management Group has definitely made a big difference in the way jobs run. While working with property managers works well, they have myriad responsibilities outside those for the construction project. As a result, the construction project can’t always take first priority and there are sometimes resulting delays.

It makes a really big difference having someone from PMG whose responsibilities and energies are focused solely on the project. As a result, the jobs are better organized with fewer delays and missteps, and communication, record keeping, and quality control are all vastly improved. From a contractor’s perspective, it’s a real benefit."

Major Restoration Company


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Facade work and window replacements at 320 West 76th Street.

Facade work at 375 West End and 166 East 96th Street.

NYSERDA upgrades at Concord Village.

Gas line replacement at 81 Irving Place.

Parking lot restoration at the Pembroke.

Lobby renovations at Printing House Condominium.

Boiler conversions at Plaza 400.

Hallway renovation at the Westmore.

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Local Law 11 upgrades at 152 East 94th Street.


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