Project Management Group, Inc. - PMG - offers expert project management, greening assistance, building certification/recertification, and disaster recovery for residential, commercial, and industrial properties in metropolitan New York and South Florida.


Our services include:


Total management for all capital
improvement projects

PMG will act as representative of the property's decision-makers during all phases of a capital project. Our individually customized capital improvement project management programs offer:

  • Professional review of job specifications and contract documents
  • Administration of the contractors bidding process, including establishing a bidders list, creating bidder spreadsheets, and a sealed bidding procedure to guarantee the integrity of all bids solicited and received
  • Job coordination and inspection, including pre-job site inspections to verify existing conditions and identify the scope of work; pre-job phasing; resident/tenant coordination; regularly scheduled and unscheduled job site inspections; and documented job meetings throughout the project to ensure schedule conformance, specifications compliance, and job site safety and housekeeping
  • Contract administration
  • Review of requests for payment to monitor payment requisitions and schedule of values
  • Job close-out and finalization, including preparation and supervision of the final punch list; ensuring the receipt of all applicable sign-offs, warranties, and guarantees; final job site security and housekeeping; and the provision of a comprehensive, documented Project Close-Out Book.

Full roof-to-basement property inspections to determine priority and long-range capital and financial planning

PMG will professionally inspect every structural, mechanical, and aesthetic element of a building to determine remaining useful life; identify existing and potential violations; and present repair, replacement, and remediation options.


PMG will submit to the property's decision-makers a photographic record and written report of findings, and develop a practical, documented plan of action, including timelines and costs, to achieve the objectives of the property within its budgetary constraints. Following presentation of the documented inspection, the property's decision-makers may choose to engage PMG to perform as project manager, as discussed above.

Building greening management

PMG offers expert professional assistance in the greening of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Through a custom-designed PMG Greening Program, PMG will:

  • Identify and report the most current ways similar existing buildings are implementing greening initiatives
  • Present an authoritative list of structural, mechanical, and operational greening options appropriate to the building
  • Design and facilitate greening education programs for residents and tenants to raise awareness and cooperation
  • Provide a detailed cost analysis and timeline of greening initiatives that are identified as viable for the building
  • Offer specialized recommendations for how to reduce energy costs for electricity, fuel, and other purchased energy
  • Explain government and other incentives that can result in reduced greening costs
  • Show the anticipated cost/benefit relationship for various greening options.

PMG's greening program is proven to yield significant savings for client properties.


PMG manages many of the greening options we are able to recommend and help building implement so that substantial cost savings are realized while working toward building sustainability.


Building certification and recertification for South Florida residential, commercial, and industrial properties

The Florida Building Code requires that all buildings (except single-family residences, duplexes, and minor structures) be inspected at 40 years of age, and then every 10 years after.


PMG is expert in bringing structures into compliance with Florida's 10 Year and 40 Year Building Recertification requirements.


PMG will oversee the entire Recertification process to ensure that the property is maintained in a safe condition and that all devices and safeguards required by the Florida Building Code are maintained in good working order.


PMG will respond to a property's Notice of Required Inspection by arranging for the required structural and electrical, apparatus and equipment, and installations inspections; verifying and submitting the required written report to the Building Official; and managing any required remediation to bring the structure into compliance with all applicable Sections of the Building Code.

Hurricane and disaster recovery services

PMG is a single-source resource for all aspects of hurricane and disaster recovery in South Florida and in metropolitan New York.


PMG's hurricane and disaster recovery expertise includes water supply; wells, sewers, and septic systems; electrical and power generation; flooding; tree and debris removal; wild-life and pest control; clean up; sanitation, safety and security; structural, mechanical, and aesthetic repairs; resident/tenant notifications; and coordination with local, state, and federal emergency management agencies.


PMG will oversee the entire recovery process for structures and communities, responding calmly and confidently to urgent situations with immediate and continued coordination of goods and services unique to disaster conditions.


PMG will address all recovery issues, managing time-sensitive circumstances with meticulous care, recordkeeping, and follow through.


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