Local Law 97

AKAM was joined by Joseph Weitz from Aurora Energy Advisors, LLC, as well as Jeff Carleton and Mike Cook from Runwise for an interactive Webinar Series on New York City’s Local Law 97 and Compliance Strategies to Minimize Costs, Reduce Carbon Emissions & Enhance Building Operations.

Key topics covered during the webinar:

  • Overview of Local Law 97
  • Local Law 97: Carbon Emissions & Data
  • Climate Mobilization Act: LL97 Prescriptive Energy Conservation Measures
  • Case Studies & Results

Our Panelists:

  • Joseph Weitz, Director of Energy Management at Aurora Energy Advisors, LLC
  • Jeff Carleton, Cofounder & CEO of Runwise
  • Mike Cook, Cofounder & Chief Growth Officer of Runwise
  • Matt Cebula, Director of Energy Services at AKAM

Moderated by Elise Rosemarin, Senior Vice President at AKAM.

This webinar was hosted on September 18, 2022.

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