The Ashtin Group provides exceptional commercial management and leasing with a deliberate focus on
Owner objectives. We are committed to giving commercial property Owners in New York City and South Florida maximum operational efficiency with ever-vigilant attention to accuracy, timeliness, professionalism, and profitability.


Our management and leasing services include:

  • Ongoing maintenance of building wide structural integrity, systems, and all aesthetic elements
  • Recommendation, planning, bid solicitation, and supervision of major repairs and capital improvement projects
  • Building staff supervision, including hiring and training, job descriptions and work schedules, performance evaluations, payroll processing, preparation of all forms, reports, and returns required by all federal, state and/or local laws; and Owner representation in all building staff-related matters
  • Financial oversight, including the billing and collection of rents and appropriate late payment collection action; payment of vendor, contractor and utility bills; payment of all property taxes and other obligations; and records maintenance with all accounts separate and accounted for in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures
  • Provision of accurate, timely monthly and other financial statements, including summary of cash accounts, itemized statement of current year to date receipts and disbursements, list of unpaid bills, statement of journal entries, general ledger, accurate arrears reports, and copies of all bank statements, investment reports, and reconciliations
  • Creation and implementation of annual and long-term operating and capital budgets
  • Review of insurance to ensure adequate and appropriate coverage at the most favorable premium rates
  • Competitive bidding procedures; assistance with contract negotiations and purchasing, bulk purchasing, and insurance contracts; and all contract administration
  • Receipt, interpretation, and response to violations, and to federal, state, and local laws and regulations governing the building, and assurance that the building is in compliance with all municipal code requirements, and that all necessary licenses, permits, and approvals are obtained and current
  • Establishment and maintenance of an accurate inventory tracking system
  • Preparation and distribution of fire safety and evacuation plans, as required
  • Maintenance of accurate, accessible files, records, including individual files for each tenant, and financial records including checkbooks, bank and investment statements, maintenance and property records, insurance policies, receipted bills, correspondence, and other records
  • Preparation for and attendance at regular and special meetings with the Owner, including the provision of monthly management reports and meeting minutes
  • Expert leasing based on authoritative market analyses
  • Meticulous lease administration including lease negotiation, renewal, and recordkeeping
  • Innovative ideas for space use, including identification and maximization of underutilized space
  • Creative concepts for tenant recruitment and retention
  • Knowledgeable and effective interaction with outside professionals, including legal counsel, accountants, engineers, architects, and others
  • Proactive solutions and courteous, timely, and effective response to Owner and tenant concerns
  • Uninterrupted availability, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Our award-winning programs include:


The Ashtin Group Strategic Team Program, which supports every client and our corps of Management Executives with access to professionally affiliated legal counsel and accounting professionals, an operations specialist, and an entire division dedicated exclusively to capital project management.

The Ashtin Group Individuated Property Program, which provides custom-tailored short- and long-range planning and financial and other reports to each client property.

The Ashtin Group Creative Leasing Unit, which specializes in market research and analysis, branding and image development, property positioning, and unexpected space usage concepts to expand your pool of prospective tenants; and lease administration from execution through database recordkeeping.

The Ashtin Group Green Client Program, which performs technical and financial studies of our client properties' internal and external environmental impact, and authoritatively presents existing and newly-emerging sustainability options and implementation cost analyses. We offer expert greening assistance to bring client building to the highest standard, keep them in compliance, and attract and keep the best, most eco-conscious tenants. Our proprietary Green Client Program has been proven to save client properties thousands of dollars.

The Ashtin Group Superintendents Club, the only collegial organization for every building's most important resource, providing educational seminars, information, and a supportive environment for the superintendents of all Ashtin Group client properties.

On-Line Client Services through the AKAM/Ashtin Group Genesis System, which offers each client property the opportunity to post and view immediate on-line messages from management, building staff information, and corporate documents; the ability to fill out and submit Work Order Forms on-line; direct links to local weather, traffic, and travel information, and more.

The Ashtin Group Phone and Text Broadcast System, which allows The Ashtin Group to transmit immediate, simultaneous phone and text broadcasts alerting tenants about urgent or emergency situations in the building or reminding them of an important upcoming event.


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