Florida’s Senate Bill 4D

Florida’s Senate Bill 4D, passed in May 2022, made it mandatory for all Florida condominium and cooperative buildings, three stories or higher, to undergo milestone inspections, structural inspections, and submit specific information to the DBPR. 

In this exclusive webinar session, AKAM was joined by Lindsay E. Raphael, Esq., of Raphael Law P.A., and Samie Hatim, a Project Manager at Epic Forensics & Engineering, Inc., to provide more clarity regarding the regulations set forth in the new legislation. 

Key topics covered during the webinar:

  • Rules and regulations for condominiums and cooperatives
  • Milestone Reports — Phases I & II
  • Structural Integrity Reserve Studies — Facades vs. Foundations and what should be included in the study
  • DBPR Reporting Requirements — Necessary information to submit in writing
  • Important deadlines to mark on your calendar

*Important Note: Senate Bill 4D may be revised, meaning requirements and regulations are subject to change. 

Our Panelists:

Moderated by Doug Weinstein, Vice President of Operations at AKAM.

This webinar was recorded on July 20, 2022.

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