AKAM On-Site, Inc. is proud to be recognized as a
leader in South Florida's residential management industry. The unique AKAM On-Site "Flexible Options" Custom Management Program, which offers clients their choice
of on-site, full-service, or boutique management, demonstrates our reputation for innovation and service that expertly anticipates and responds to the individual needs of our valued condominium and homeowner association clients.

For every property that has entrusted its management
to us, AKAM On-Site pledges total commitment to maximizing value while simultaneously enhancing quality of life.

Our management services include:

  • Ongoing management of property maintenance and preventive maintenance, including capital project planning and management
  • Comprehensive financial and back-office management, budgeting, investment guidance, and accurate, timely financial reporting customized to the specific needs of your property
  • Association staff training and supervision
  • Complete local, state, and federal compliance management
  • Competitive bidding procedures, and contract negotiations and administration
  • Maintenance of accurate, accessible files, records, and financial books
  • Preparation for, and attendance at, Board, annual, and other meetings, including the provision of Monthly Management and Financial Reports, Site Inspection Reports, Repair and Work Request Log Reports, and meeting agendas and minutes
  • Knowledgeable and effective interaction with outside professionals including legal counsel, accountants, engineers, architects, and others
  • Courteous, prompt, and effective response to owner/resident inquiries, and dissemination of information to owners/residents and others according to Board instruction.

Our award-winning proprietary management programs include:

The AKAM On-Site "Flexible Options" Custom Management Program, which invites each client property to take advantage of our full-service option, our customized boutique options, and our on- and off-site management options.

The AKAM On-Site Strategic Team Program, which supports every client and AKAM's corps of seasoned Management Executives with access to professionally affiliated legal counsel and accounting professionals, an operations specialist, and an entire division dedicated exclusively to capital project management.

The AKAM On-Site Individuated Property Program, which provides custom-tailored short- and long-range planning and financial and other reports to each client property.

The AKAM On-Site Multi-Phase Turnover and Transition Protocol, which ensures a transparent, seamless, and uneventful management company transition or developer turnover.

The AKAM On-Site 24/7/365 Emergency On-Call System, which ensures our availability to every client property at all times, day or night, 365 days a year.

The AKAM Green Client Program, which performs technical and financial studies of our client properties' internal and external environmental impact, and authoritatively presents existing and newly-emerging sustainability options and implementation cost analyses.

The AKAM On-Site Chief Engineers Club, the Florida residential management industry's only collegial organization for every association's most important resource, providing educational seminars, information, and a supportive environment for the chief engineers of all AKAM On-Site client properties.

On-Line Client Services: The AKAM Genesis System, which offers each client property the opportunity to post and view immediate on-line messages from management, association staff information, and corporate documents; the ability to fill out and submit Work Order Forms on-line; the ability to view Board meeting minutes; direct links to local weather, traffic, and travel information, and more.

The AKAM Phone and Text Broadcast System, which allows AKAM to transmit immediate, simultaneous phone and text broadcasts alerting owners about urgent or emergency situations in the association or reminding them of an important upcoming event.


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